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I Love It When You Do That
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stuff i linearted after scanning…

im just going to draw side views really grossly forever

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by ミンメ [also on pixiv]

※Posted with the artist’s permission.

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A faded memory: Is this just temporary bliss? →












Pit believed that his parents…

Hearing his brother’s nervousness…

There was no doubt about

Unfortunately, Kuro hadn’t really…

The bottom of his stomach churned…

Once Pit held his hand…

Plopping a ball and then stuffing

"No surprise there. I bet you…

The thought of meeting up with…

Raising a brow, Kuro shook his head…

There was no doubt about it…

On the way back to Pit’s house, Kuro couldn’t help but let his nerves get the better of him. He felt quite anxious to meet the two adults he once considered as his own parents though his adoption was never official with them. Perhaps it was a sign that he just wasn’t meant to live under that roof or at least that’s what he forced himself to believe these past four years.

The travel there he mostly remained silent, too caught up in thought. How would the two react towards him? He knew they were nice people and he tried to stay in touch with all of them, but would they accept the way he changed? Would they treat him like a stranger or would they just fall silent?

Once they finally reached the familiar building, he let out a sigh of reminiscence. Walking up the stairs, he allowed the brunette to led him inside and took his shoes off as well, looking around the familiar interior. Upon hearing Goal’s voice, his heart began to race and his blood ran cold. He was beginning to have second thoughts though his face expressed no such emotion.

Seeing Gaol’s reaction to his presence, Kuro couldn’t seem to move. However, as he was hugged, he felt relieved and hugged her back, her familiar floral scent making a small grin form on his face. “It’s good to be back,” he said as he let go. Scratching the back of his head, he let out a light chuckle. “Sorry. It was kind of last minute and I didn’t know I’d be visiting you guys.”

Glancing over at Pit, he cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. “You two look great though. Haven’t aged at all.”


one thing i never do is write a rough draft it’s all or nothing go big or go home

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Gamecube, Wii, Wii U.


im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful

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